The certificate in Integrated Product Design makes a focus on product design feasible for students who are interested in the field from a wide range of disciplines. Jointly offered by the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Wharton and the School of Design, the IPD certificate certifies that students have had additional experience with an interdisciplinary, human-centered design process for developing new product innovations.

Students enrolled in the certificate will be exposed to design thinking, have the opportunity to design at different scales and scopes, prototype and iterate distinct executions of their ideas, address manufacturing concerns, design enabling technologies, consider the implications of financial models on their product design, and develop business strategies.

The certificate requires the completion of 2.0 course units of required courses and 3.0 course units of elective courses, one in each of the disciplines of design arts, engineering and business. This is a graduate and post-graduate only certificate for students who are already enrolled in graduate education at Penn. The certificate must be completed at the same time as the enrolled graduate or post-graduate degree program and cannot be pursued as a stand-alone certificate.

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Please visit the PennDesign website for additional details regarding the IPD Certificate curriculum.

For the most updated information on all courses, please look for the departmental listings on the Course Register.

  • *IPD 515, Product Design (1 CU)
  • *IPD 509, Need Finding (1 CU)
Design Arts
  • ARCH 721, Designing Smart Objects for Play and Learning (1 CU)
  • ARCH 726, Furniture Design (1 CU)
  • ARCH 728, Design of Contemporary Products (1 CU)
  • ARCH 733, Building Product Design (1 CU)
  • FNAR 566, Graphic Design (1 CU)
  • FNAR568, Integrative Design Studio: Cultures of Making (1 CU)
  • *IPD 527, Industrial Design (1 CU)
  • BE 514, Rehab Engineering and Design (1 CU)
  • ENGR 566, Design of Appropriate Biomedical Technologies for Point of Care Diagnostics (1 CU)
  • ESE 519, Real Time Embedded Systems (1 CU)
  • IPD 500, Product Engineering Basics (1 CU)
  • IPD 501, Integrated Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Analysis (1 CU)
  • MEAM 510, Design of Mechatronic Systems (1 CU)
  • MEAM 514, Design for Manufacturability (1 CU)
  • MEAM 520, Introduction to Robotics (1 CU)
  • EAS 545, Engineering Entrepreneurship I (1 CU)
  • FNCE 750, Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation (1 CU)
  • OIDD 614, Managing the Productive Core of the Firm: Innovation (.5 CU)
  • OIDD 652, Design of Web-Based Products and Services (.5 CU)
  • OIDD 662, Enabling Technologies, Sp, 1 CU
  • OIDD 656, Operations Strategy and Process Management (1 CU)
  • MGMT 801, Entrepreneurship (.5 CU)
  • MGMT 810, Social Entrepreneurship (1 CU)
  • MKTG 711, Consumer Behavior (1 CU)
  • MKTG 728, Contagious: How Products, Ideas, and Behaviors Catch On (1 CU)
  • MKTG 730, Digital Marketing (1 CU)
  • MKTG 753, New Product Management (.5 CU)
  • MKTG 756, Marketing Research (1 CU)
  • MKTG 793, Retailing (.5 CU)
  • MKTG 892, Creativity (1 CU)