The M:IPD curriculum is designed to ground students in the disciplines of product design while allowing them to tailor their learning experience to meet their particular individual goals. M:IPD students take both integrated courses designed specifically for the degree and single discipline courses that provide more in- depth training in business, design arts or engineering.

M:IPD Sample schedule:

A student entering into the M:IPD program with a background in design might take the following courses:

Summer Year 1

IPD 500

Product Engineering Basics

Fall Year 1

IPD 551

Design Processes

IPD 545

Engineering Entrepreneurship I

IPD 515

Product Design

Spring Year 1

IPD 552

Problem Framing

IPD 514

Design for Manufacturability

IPD 527

Industrial Design I

Fall Year 2

IPD 799

Final Project 1

IPD 521

Designing Smart Objects

OIDD 691


Spring Year 2

IPD 799

Final Project 2

IPD 526

Furniture Design


EAS 546

Engineering Entrepreneurship II

The curriculum is comprised of 5 core courses and 4 additional courses, one each in design, business and engineering and one additional course in one of the disciplines. In addition, since the program is cross-disciplinary, students who do not have the requisite background in the three areas, engineering, design arts, and marketing/finance, may be required to enroll in additional foundational courses in these areas.

A graduate student is considered full time if he/she takes 3 CUs per semester.


M:IPD Core curriculum

The core curriculum is comprised of 5 foundational courses:

  • IPD 515: Product Design (1st year) (1 CU)
  • IPD 551: Design Process (1st Semester) (1 CU)
  • IPD 552: Problem Finding (2nd Semester) (1 CU)
  • IPD 799: Final Project (3rd Semester) (1 CU)
  • IPD 799: Final Project (4th Semester) (1 CU)

For more information about design, engineering and business courses see Courses or the IPD Guidelines.