The MSE:IPD curriculum is designed to provide students with an engineering background with the tools to apply that background to product design problems. The courses provide students with the opportunity to build greater skills in engineering disciplines related to product design while helping them contextualize those skills as a part of the product design process. In addition, students complement their strength in engineering with a basic understanding of business and design arts.

MSE:IPD Sample schedule

A student entering into the MSE:IPD program might take the following courses:

Summer Year 1

ARCH 300

Product Design Fundamentals

Fall Year 1

IPD 551

Design Processes

EAS 545

Engineering Entrepreneurship I

MEAM 510

Design of Mechatronic Systems

Spring Year 1

IPD 552

Problem Framing

IPD 514

Design for Manufacturability

IPD 516

Advanced Mechatronics in Reactive Spaces

Fall Year 2

IPD 798

Final Project 1

IPD 527

Industrial Design

MKTG 892


Spring Year 2

IPD 798

Final Project 2

IPD 501

Integrated CAD Manufacturing and Analysis

The curriculum is comprised of 6 core courses and 4 additional courses, one in design, one in business and two in engineering. In addition, since the program is cross-disciplinary, students who do not have the requisite background in the design arts and marketing/finance, may be required to enroll in additional foundational courses in these areas.


MSE:IPD Core curriculum

The core curriculum is comprised of 6 foundational courses:

  • IPD 551: Design Process (1st Semester) (1 CU)
  • IPD 552: Problem Finding (2nd Semester) (1 CU)
  • IPD 798: Final Project (3rd Semester) (1 CU)
  • IPD 798: Final Project (4th Semester) (1 CU)
  • MEAM 514: Design for Manufacturability (1 CU)
  • MEAM 510: Design of Mechatronic Systems (1 CU)

MSE:IPD students are also required to take an additional two engineering elective courses from the following lists or with advisor approval (2 CUs):

  • IPD 501: Integrated CAD manufacturing and Analysis (1 CU)
  • IPD 516: Advanced Mechatronics in Reactive Spaces (1 CU)
  • MEAM 520: Introduction to Robotics (1 CU)
  • MEAM 527: Finite Element Analysis (1 CU)
  • MEAM 535: Advanced Dynamics (1 CU)
  • MEAM 554: Mechanics of Materials (1 CU)
    or comparable approved by the Director (1 CU)

For more information about design, engineering and business courses see Courses or the IPD Guidelines.