2017: Kevin Martin (IPD), Grace Moore (IPD), Chelsea Meyers (IPD), Jono Sanders (IPD) & Evan Oskierko-Jeznacki (ARCH), won first prize in the COMCAST PENNOVATION CHALLENGE: INTERNET OF THINGS. Read more: Philadelphia’s aging infrastructure needs work. The first Comcast-Pennovation Challenge winner can help.

2017: (Re)Generation Team: Chelsea Meyers (IPD), Michie Adachi, Mohammed Bashkeel, Jessica Blum, Smitha Sharma & Vinayak Uppal, earned 2nd Prize in the 2nd Annual Patagonia Case Competition

2017: Dufeng Wang(IPD), Dylan Hooe (MBA) & Sarah Budhiman(MBA) took home the Grand Prize of $5,000 in the Weiss Tech House PennVention 2017 competition.

2017: Haimin Yie (IPD) & Hyung Jin Yoo (IPD) teamed up to participate in the “Enterprise In Space: print the future competition,” Their submission, H2 Capsule, a capsule that early Mars Explorers can use to store objects and media to convey their stories and personalities to future generations, as a means of confronting and accepting death as a possible outcome of their mission. See their idea on Sketchfab.

2016: Prashant Arya (IPD), Vidur Bhatnagar (TOBO) & Alex Ma (CIS) won the, “Most Entrepreneurial Hack Award” for, “TRADE – O – BUNDLE” at PennApps XIV .

2016: Phillip Chang (IPD), Taneesha Chawla (BE), Katherine Choi (MED), Danish Dhamani (MEAM), Katherine Lopez Hayna (IPD) and Eric Kuang (MBA) won the 2016 PENN HEALTHCARE INNOVATION CHALLENGE.
*Penn Healthcare Innovation Challenge is a partnership between The Wharton Innovation & Design club and The University of Pennsylvania Health System.

2016: Lilu Team Won the iDesign Prize: Clementine Gilbert (IPD), Sujay Suresh (EE), Adriana Vazquez (IPD), Allie Looney (IPD)

2015 (April): Monica Butler (IPD), Yongbo Quian (Penn Engineering), Zaks Lubin (Wharton MBA), Margaret Ren (Wharton MBA), Kaley Suero (Wharton undergrad) and Daniel Ng (Wharton MBA) won the Wharton Design and Innovation Club’s Design Challenge 2015 for their project, “Achievable”

2014: Edward Wu, Audi Future of Mobility Winner

2014: Julia Sigal (and her team), Special Prize for Best Crafted, Stitch Fest- Best Wearable: Head Turner

2014: Clementine Gilbert, The Nightlife Chair, Honorable Mention, Philadelphia Museum of Art Collab Student Design Competition

2014: Monica Butler, Droplet, People’s Choice, Philadelphia Museum of Art Collab Student Design Competition