IPD faculty introducing xLab at Penn Science Cafe on Aug 12
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Carla Diana, lecturer, PennDesign
Rahul Mangharam, assistant professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Sarah Rottenberg, lecturer, PennDesign
Orkan Telhan, assistant professor, PennDesign

Members of the newly formed xLAB will show off some of the interdisciplinary projects they are working on. The collaboration between Engineering and Design uses the “Internet of things” to devise and deliver richer and more interactive entertainment experiences.

Future Dates to be added soon.

Join us for an upcoming Open House. At the open house you will meet an IPD faculty member, current IPD students, tour the IPD studio & labs and more.

Past Dates
-January 16, 2015, 4:00 PM
-December 4, 2014, 4:00 PM
-November 6, 2014, 4:00 PM
-October 3, 2014, 10:00 AM
-September 11, 2014, 4:00 PM


Another nice article just came out about IPD’s summer collaboration with Yonso Project in Ghana. The author includes the voices of our collaborators in Ghana and addresses the impact of the project.


Join us on Monday, March 24th at 6:30pm in Meyerson Hall for the 2014 Lisa Roberts & David Seltzer Integrated Product Design Lecture.
Since 2002, Dror Benshetrit has developed an interdisciplinary practice specializing in innovative design projects. His approach to design has shown breadth and depth through the completion of projects varying in scales and nature. His portfolio encompasses product design, architecture projects, interior design and art direction. He explores the nature of movement, space and forms and shares with us the transformative power of design through each of his creations. Based in New York, he works with clients around the world; including Alessi, Bentley, Boffi, Bombay Sapphire, Cappellini, Kiehl’s, Levi’s, Lualdi, Material ConneXion, Maya Romanoff, Marithé + François Girbaud, Puma, Rosenthal, Skins Footwear, Yigal Azrouël, Shvo, Swarovski, and Target.

Dror has lectured around the world and received numerous design awards including the GE Plastics Competition “Merging Boundaries” (2001), iF Product Design Award (2006), the Good Design Award (2008, 2010), and the Red Dot Award (2012). He has gained international media exposure, and has been widely exhibited. His work is included in the permanent collections of major museums in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

To register, please visit https://droratpenndesign.eventbrite.com.

Jaime Fernandez, Sonicare Product Engineer & former IPD Student, wins an iF design award with his project team for two products: Sonicare PowerUp battery toothbrush & Sonicare Black Diamond.

jamie fernandez Group Pic -v2 Sml

IPD photo 4

IPD grad Emily Fisher and Charles Mauro of MauroNewMedia conducted
a design research workshop with IPD students

IPD Seminar: “How to NOT build a Terminator”

Monday, February 10, 2014
2 PM, Berger Auditorium, Skirkanich Hall
Ronald C. Arkin
Regents’ Professor & Director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory
Associate Dean for Research & Space Planning
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

Abstract: Given the present pace, direction, and funding of humanoid technological development, it seems that the science fiction vision of a Terminator robot is becoming more and more of a potential reality.  Many researchers, perhaps unknowingly or unwittingly, are providing the capabilities to achieve such a platform, i.e., perhaps answering the question of “how to build a terminator”.  This talk focuses on the ethical questions surrounding the potential creation of robotic platforms with lethal autonomy, striving to answer the question of “how to NOT build a Terminator”), perhaps by either avoiding or restraining the use of lethal force when (not if) this capability is achieved. Several options are presented that range from complete relinquishment of robotics research (Bill Joy and the Unabomber), to a moratorium (advocated by the United Nations Special Rapporteur to the U.N. Human Rights Council), to banning of such capability (advocated by Human Rights Watch and ICRA! C), to directly governing the behavior of lethal robots in a manner consistent with international Humanitarian Law (research in the Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Laboratory).

Biosketch:    Ronald C. Arkin is Regents’ Professor and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. He served as STINT visiting Professor at KTH in Stockholm, Sabbatical Chair at the Sony IDL in Tokyo, and the Robotics and AI Group at LAAS/CNRS in Toulouse. Dr. Arkin’s research interests include behavior-based control and action-oriented perception for mobile robots and UAVs, hybrid deliberative/reactive architectures, robot survivability, multiagent robotics, biorobotics, human-robot interaction, robot ethics, and learning in autonomous systems.  Prof. Arkin served on the Board of Governors of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, the IEEE RAS AdCom, andis  a founding co-chair of IEEE RAS TC on Robot Ethics. He is a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology and a Fellow of the IEEE.

prototyping in Ghana

Last summer, IPD students had the chance to travel to Ghana to help the Yonso Project design accessories for their bamboo bikes. Helping the small organization grow its business — and therefore create jobs for youth — by broadening its product offerings was an amazing experience. You can read more about it in this article on Core 77 by Bresslergroup‘s Mathieu Turpault.


Jalapeño Beat Maker

IPD graduates Ben Harmer, John Hunchar and Kenneth Liew launched their Kickstarter campaign for the Jalapeño Beat Maker, a device that remixes your music in response to your motions, just a few weeks ago. Since then, it’s gotten a lot of press including a mention on Uncrate.

2013: Eric DeFeo, IPD Alumni receives Social Impact Fellowship.

Eric 2