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Title: Spazzata
Course: Furniture Design
Designer: Meghan Brennan
Instructor: Katrin Mueller-Russo

Spazzata is a modular chair that literally translates to "sweep" in Italian. The actual sweeping of the form allows the user to sit comfortably with their legs tucked underneath the seat, and prevents any awkwardness when trying to stand up. 3/4" birch plywood sections were glued together in a particular pattern to showcase the beauty of an otherwise neglected material. The wood grain, following the organic lines of the chair profile, creates a brush like effect that dance with one another and indicate a sense of softness. The chair was realized through the creation of acrylic templates, routing each piece by hand, and gluing successive sections together. Felt is attached to the feet to achieve a "floating" look. The chair is finished with a wax coat to highlight the wood grain.