Where experience comes together.


Faculty from multiple disciplines who combine academics with practical experiences.

The Integrated Product Design program draws on faculty from across the University of Pennsylvania and seasoned professionals with years of practical experience in product design.


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Jonah Berger

James G. Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing
Email: jberger@wharton(.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-7741
Office: Jon M. Huntsman Hall

David Hsu

Associate Professor, Management
Email: dhsu@wharton (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-746-0125
Office: 2028 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall

John Wesley Hutchinson

Stephen J. Heyman Professor, Professor of Marketing
Email: jwhutch@wharton (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-6450
Office: 700 Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Christian Terwiesch

Andrew M. Heller Professor at the Wharton School, Senior Fellow Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics
Email: terwiesch@wharton (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-8541
Office: 548 Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Karl T. Ulrich

CIBC Professor of entrepreneurship and ecommerce, Vice Dean of Innovation
Email: ulrich@opim.wharton (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-6727
Office: 547 Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Mikael Avery

Lecturer, Architecture
Email: mavery@design.upenn (.edu)

William W. Braham

Associate Professor of Architecture; Director, Master of Environmental Building
Email: brahamw@design (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-5744
Office: 207 Meyerson Hall

Assaf Eshet

Lecturer B, Architecture
Email: mail@assafeshet (.com)

Jordan Goldstein

Lecturer, Architecture
Email: jordan_goldstein@ (gensler.com)

Simon Kim

Associate Professor, Architecture
Email: simonkim@design (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-573-3679
Office: Meyerson Hall

Sarah Rottenberg

IPD Executive Director & Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Design
Email: srot@design (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-573-6543
Office: Tangen Hall, Rm 407

Orkan Telhan

Associate Professor of Fine Arts; Emerging Design Practices, Fine Arts
Email: otelhan@design (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-573-3679
Office: Meyerson Hall

Richard Wesley

Adjunct Professor, Architecture
Email: rwesley@design (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-746-1401
Office: 202 Addams Hall

JD Albert

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Email: albj@(seas.upenn.edu)
Office: B12 Towne Building

Masoud Akbarzadeh

Assistant Professor, Architecture
Email: masouda@design(.upenn.edu)

Thomas A. V. Cassel

Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Email: tcassel@seas (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-9016
Office: 310 Towne Building

Michelle J. Johnson, PhD

Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Associate Professor, Bioengineering, Director, Rehabilitation Robotics Lab
Email: johnmic@pennmedicine(.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-893-2665
Office: 1800 Lombard St, 1st Floor, Office 9

Vijay Kumar

Nemirovsky Family Dean, Penn Engineering and Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM), Computer and Information Science (CIS), Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)
Email: kumar@cis (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-3630
Office: 470 Levine Building

Jenna Shanis

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Email: jshanis@seas (upenn.edu)
Phone: 917-557-1595
Office: Towne 144

Mark Yim

IPD Director, Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Email: yim@grasp (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-5269
Office: 229A Towne Building

Jeffrey Babin

Professor & Associate Director, Engineering Entrepreneurship, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Email: jbabin@seas (.upenn.edu)
Phone: 215-898-9016
Office: 308 Towne Building

Taylor Caputo

Director of the Studios @ Venture Labs, Lecturer Integrated Product Design Program,
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Email: taycap@ (.upenn.edu)
Office: 111 Tangen Hall