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Master of Integrated Product Design

Advance your career with an interdisciplinary program that brings together Design, Engineering, and Business in a leading product design school.

Whether you’re looking to expand your skill set, make a career transition, or start a new company, the Integrated Product Design program will equip you with the tools you need to build digital and physical products that people need and love.

This two-year Master’s program provides you with the advanced training you need to speak the languages of design, engineering, and business, and collaborate effectively between disciplines.

Drawing upon the expertise of three world-class schools at the University of Pennsylvania, this program enables students to design their own specialties based on their academic background and career goals.

As an IPD student, you can customize your learning journey for the exact field or role you want to move into, expand your professional capabilities, and design a career path that is uniquely suited to you.

“My two years in IPD was an unforgettable and truly precious journey. IPD is very unique that you get to work with a mix of talented people, and learn not only from school, but from each other.

Design skills aside, IPD taught me how to think and get to the core of a problem, how to communicate, how to pitch an idea, and much more. These soft skills truly benefited me in job hunting and is still benefiting me in everyday professional work.”

Zoe Gan
Interaction Designer, Google

M:IPD 2018

Master of Integrated Product Design (M:IPD)

For people who are not satisfied with the status quo – who have ideas about how to improve the world around them and want a robust and diverse skill set to implement those ideas.

This transformative program is open to applicants with design, business or engineering backgrounds interested in collaborating across disciplines to create new products.

M:IPD students will take courses in design, engineering and business.

You will learn to:

  • Harness your creativity to generate new products that are innovative, compelling and sustainable
  • Tell compelling stories about your work that engage stakeholders and enable impact
  • Integrate new technologies into your work even as they evolve at a rapid pace
  • Understand people’s needs and gain skills in idea generation, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and business planning

Master of Science & Engineering in Integrated Product Design (MSE:IPD)

For students with an undergraduate degree in engineering who want to take their careers to the next level – by learning a more holistic approach to product design and development.

The program emphasizes technology and manufacturing processes, including coursework in advanced CAD/CAM and mechatronics. Students will deepen their engineering skills while broadening their abilities to communicate and collaborate with designers, strategists and product managers.

MSE:IPD students will take the majority of their courses within The School of Engineering.

You will learn to:

  • Exercise your creativity by working in the front end of design: conceptualizing, prototyping and inventing new products
  • Build your business and entrepreneurial skills, learning how to find product-market fit, create go-to-market strategies and develop a sustainable business plan
  • Connect with the people who will be using your products and understand their needs to consistently generate high-quality ideas that lead to real-world results
  • Lead your teams to generate innovative ideas that truly impact your business
“Coming from a mechanical engineering background, this program really taught me how to approach problems from an empathetic standpoint, allowing me to break free from the more rigid problem-solving methods I learned previously in my career.

This not only gave me freedom to derive insanely creative solutions, but ultimately understand the root cause I was working to remedy with a product or service.”

Zac Bensing
Product Design and
Development, Tushy

MSE:IPD 2018

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