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academic programs

As a leading product design school, we take pride in teaching students how to build desirable, feasible and sustainable physical and digital products that people need, want and love.

Our students learn to speak the languages of design, engineering and business and translate between disciplines. Each academic program focuses on a different set of specialties based on the students’ academic background and career goals.

M:IPD Degree

The M:IPD is intended for applicants with design, business or engineering backgrounds who wish to deepen their current skill sets while building broader skills in the other disciplines. The curriculum provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective on product design. Students build skills in understanding people’s needs, idea generation, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and business planning. M:IPD students will take courses in The School of Design, The School of Engineering, and The Wharton School.

MSE:IPD Degree

The MSE:IPD is intended for students who possess an undergraduate degree in engineering. The degree emphasizes technology and manufacturing processes, including coursework in advanced CAD/CAM and mechatronics. MSE:IPD students will take the majority of their courses within The School of Engineering.

IPD Certificate

The certificate in Integrated Product Design makes a focus on product design feasible for students who are interested in the field from a wide range of disciplines. Jointly offered by the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Wharton and the School of Design, the IPD certificate certifies that students gained additional experience with an interdisciplinary, human-centered design process for developing new product innovations.

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