Designing your own experience.

Integrated Product Design Student Government Association (IPDSGA)

Mission: Penn’s Integrated Product Design students are deeply involved in designing their own experience during their two years in the program.

Formed in 2015, the Integrated Product Design Student Government Association (IPDGA) serves as a means of formally representing the interests of these students within the Graduate Student Engineering Group (GSEG). Comprised solely of students, IPDGA is responsible for liaising with the program’s department, the university administration, and peer organizations to serve the needs of students.

View the IPDGA constitution here.

IPDGA’s primary purpose is to represent and serve the interests of IPD students within the University of Pennsylvania. To this end, IPDGA works to:
  • Monitor issues of importance to the department’s students.
  • Host academic, career, and social events for the IPD student community.
  • Organize programs to improve the quality of students’ experience and build connections between students.
  • Augment programming provided by the school and department.
Board Members

John Sylvester
IPD’20, President
Email: jsylves@seas(

Paige Kennedy
IPD’20,Vice President
pvk@seas (

Ethan Kellough
IPD ‘21, Marketing & Communications Chair
Email: kellough@seas (

Echo Wan
IPD ‘21, Marketing & Communications Chair

Sommer Farber
IPD ‘21, Treasurer

Yve Tang
IPD ‘21, Social Programming Chair
Email: yvetang@seas(

Julia Lin
IPD’20, Social Programming

Jillian Stahl
IPD ‘21, Social Programining
Email: stahlren@seas(

Armando Márquez
IPD ‘21, Social Programming
Email: ajmr@seas(

Alice Gilmore
IPD ‘21, Career Chair
Email: gilmorea@seas(

Claudio Angrigiani
IPD’21, Onboarding Chair
Email: claudioa@seas(

James Qian
IPD’21, Career Chair
Email: qianj15@seas(

Paul Castellana
IPD’21, Studiomaster

Shivam Dehinwal
IPD ‘21, Studiomaster
Email: dshivam@seas(

Simona Dwass
IPD’21, Merch Committee
Email: sdwass1@seas.upenn(


PDGA hosts a variety of social, academic, and career events for IPD students. Our full calendar of events can be viewed here.

Connect with us

Another department looking to co-host an event? Industry professional hoping to connect with IPD students? Email: pennipdga@(