Battle Bots

MEAM 510 | Mechatronics


Shivam Dehinwal
Simona Dwass
Jorge Echeverria
Armando Marquez


Mark Yim

The mechatronics class teaches how to design with mechanical elements, electronics, and embedded computers. In 2019, an IPD team won first place in the final mechatronics competition with their robot, Sarah Rottenberg (lovingly named after the IPD program director). Sarah is a robot with both autonomous and non-autonomous functionality. The competition featured two meta-teams with 4 robots each to compete against each other. For the first minute of the competition, each robot was programmed to move from a random location selected by the professor to a predetermined location without the use of the remote control. Following this, drivers gained control of their robots, and had to “attack” other robots and “capture” towers on the play area.