IPD 799 | Final Project


Aviva Hurvitz
Vashvi Shah
Ling Ye
Johnathan Zur


Sarah Rottenberg
Chris Murray
JD Albert

Children with autism struggle to learn skills which form the basis for everyday tasks. Educators have difficulty giving actionable feedback, tracking progress, and simulating scenarios. BeBlocks teaches these skills and addresses these educator difficulties. It gives students real-time feedback and teachers data analytics to track progress.

Current classroom tools rely heavily on educators for setup, observation, and feedback. This can be overwhelming for teachers who already have several responsibilities. During classroom trials with BeBlocks, students were able to recognize scenarios in the app, interact with the blocks accordingly, and adjust behavior based on real-time feedback without significant educator intervention.

BeBlocks caters to a wide variety of children and trains many skills while adapting for age and pace appropriately, making it an affordable choice for teachers who work with children with autism.