Title: !@N

IPD 528 | Design of Contemporary Products


John Johnson
Elan Kiderman


Carla Diana

Meet !@N, the swear jar with personality. Though he can typically be found showing his shy, idle side, do not let this fool you. Set him off with profanity (he is always eavesdropping) and he will lean your way and spit his cork at you, repeating your curse along the way. The only way to stop !@N’s mocking repetition is to apologize and cork him back up. His purpose in life is to make those around him be more deliberate about the words they use – which words in particular are up to you. !@N can be taught as easily as he can be provoked. His brains may be made of speech recognition software and sound localization algorithms but his heart is of playful and innocent gold.

!@N UPenn Product Design University Portfolio