Title: Morph Table

IPD 551 | Design Processes


Amanda Huang


Ben Krone
Sarah Rottenberg

Morph Table is a coffee table that allows the user to customize the form of table by folding parametric panels and triangles to create the various opening and eliminate the rigid shape. The table is constructed with three sheets of recycled copper with the laser-cut x-shape patterns overlay on the panels. By colliding the triangles in different layers, it will not only create three dimension void spaces which serve as the function of shelving for storing the books and displaying the decoration, but also act as the self-support structure for the table. Therefore, the collection requires no additional joinery pieces when building. By introducing the user’s interaction during the process of shaping the table, Morph table offers indefinite appearances responding the aesthetic and functional preference of the user.

Morph Table UPenn Product Design University Portfolio