IPD 799 | Final Project


Corey Abramowitz
Sri Gowda
Tyler Martin


Sarah Rottenberg
Chris Murray
JD Albert

Fitness studios thrive on building communities of members who inspire each other to get healthy, stay healthy, and push to new personal fitness achievements.  As the Coronavirus pandemic quickly shut down gyms and fitness studios across the country, Session was born to bring live group fitness into the home.

Session is a platform for live virtual fitness, giving gyms and their instructors a toolkit to run better online classes. With Session’s innovative workout builder, instructors can prepare fully customized workouts, stream SoundCloud playlists to their members, implement timers (with audio cues), all while displaying exercise lists and heart rate monitoring. During the live Session, everything will sync up to give a high quality studio class feel to each member.  Session focuses on fostering fitness communities so that members get as close to the in-person experience as possible, from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Session is currently in beta on web and mobile!  

While Session is the perfect solution to the COVID situation, the ideas were borne out of prior research into the needs of fitness enthusiasts and couch potatoes who needed to build new exercise routines. The insights that the team gained about motivation and social accountability proved extremely valuable for the COVID context.