IPD 5510 | Design Processes


Parth Kashikar


Sarah Rottenberg
Mike Avery

Education is increasingly moving online, and a new paradigm for teachers is emerging in response. Within the next fifteen years teachers will have to become seasoned content creators and adopt new skills in video production. This project presents a speculative technology that can ease this transition, and help teachers produce professional-quality video content.

TA represents the next generation of AI-driven video tracking devices. It is a tripod that plugs into a smartphone and can intelligently follow a moving subject. Gestural interpretation by the AI, such as decoding of pointing and hand signs, mimics the experience of teaching to a live student. By simultaneously capturing video from all cameras on the smartphone, two directions and a variety of zoom levels are available for use during editing. A foldable grip easily converts to a tripod to allow for stationary and mobile shooting. With an intelligent and responsive camera to help record videos, teachers will be able to focus more on their course content and less on the specifics of video production.