Home Pet Lab

IPD 552 | Problem Framing


Claudio Angrigiani
Ethan Kellough
Yewen Tang


Sarah Rottenberg

To answer the question posed by a team from PennVet Diagnostic Labs, How might we provide diagnostic tests and services directly to pet owners? IPD students interviewed pet owners and  veterinarians and explored the current landscape of veterinary services and pet diagnostics. Ultimately, they designed the HomePetLab,  an at-home diagnostic sampling kit that enables diagnostic testing to be performed in remote televeterinary relationships. The kit contains everything a pet owner needs to collect samples from their pet and send them directly to the PennVet Diagnostic laboratory, where they will be processed and the results shared with the televet so she can make a proper, informed, diagnosis. The concept is currently in pilot testing in the PennVet ecosystem, allowing Penn-affiliated veterinarians to send kits to their clients that they can send back for testing. Considering this is an entirely new business model, the team has also developed a plan to prove the value proposition, validate the market need, de-risk the implementation of the product, and grow the customer base.