IPD 799 | Final Project


Paige Kennedy
Brooke Rosenthal
John Sylvester


Sarah Rottenberg
Chris Murray
JD Albert

It’s hard to be an athlete. It’s even harder on your period. Tampons leak, pads chafe, and neither lasts more than a few hours. Menstrual cups are better period gear, but most cup designs are decades old and not optimized for the demands of an athlete’s body. Catch is a brand that helps athletes play their best game through performance-driven menstrual cups and a period gear support network. Catch Cups are a line of six anatomically informed cups that account for variations in female anatomy and are built for athletes and active lifestyles. Our FitFinder quiz and Cup Coaches help people find the right cup and support them through their first cycles using a cup.  

Catch Cups are designed to be comfortable and reliable in the most intense environments by utilizing anatomically informed profiles in three dimensions based on research on vaginal shape analysis in magnetic resonance imaging. Most competitors, by comparison, use a basic bullet shape that is not designed for the contours of the vaginal walls. By designing our cups around an elliptical rim and internal channels, we have created a cup that pops open and easily breaks the seal for removal like a stiff cup while using more comfortable low durometer silicone.

Cup Coaching begins with finding your fit. Most cup companies only design two sizes with often confusing advice on how to choose a cup. Catch is the only brand offering a range of six sizes to accommodate for variations in vaginal anatomy and create a more customized experience. The FitFinder quiz matches women with the two cups in our lineup most likely to work for them. Our Cup Coaches then proactively help athletes through first cycle challenges via text to provide the most comprehensive service offering of any company in the market.