Title: Jarvis

IPD 799 | Final Project


Varun Sanghvi
Michael Yates
Parker Murray


Sarah Rottenberg
Peter Bressler
JD Albert

Unfortunately, current neuropsychological testing can be an outdated, culturally biased, and exclusively qualitative process, as confirmed by our discussions with numerous neuropsychiatrists and neurologists. Doctors are asking for tools that would give them quantitative data, while also improving the overall experience in general.

Jarvis is a Mixed Reality headset with incorporated EEG and eye-tracking systems that allows for real-time, synchronized measurement of brainwaves and eye-movements in an immersive, real-world test environment. While the patient is engaged in a fun experience that is a more accurate reflection of their real-world abilities, doctors can measure and visualize the brain’s response to the intentional distractions or activities of our software platform.