Title: WeeVeg

IPD 799 | Final Project


Elena Ruyter
Rosalie Schlenk
Rob Ward


Sarah Rottenberg
Peter Bressler
JD Albert

United States federal guidelines recommend that people eat 2-3 cups of vegetables a day. According to the CDC, 91% of adults in the US aren’t getting their full serving of vegetables every day. Addressing this startling deficit in nutrition, WeeVeg explores a new way of getting nutrition that is easy, fast, and fun. WeeVeg is an automated growing system that allows people to grow a wealth of nutrition on their kitchen backsplash using microgreens, seedlings that contain anywhere from 4-40 times the nutrition of the full grown plant. 

WeeVeg combines an automatic watering system with replaceable seed quilts that allow people to easily grow their own microgreens in underused spaces in their kitchen. The automatic watering system and custom seed quilts reduce the growing process to a few simple steps to ensure successful yields for beginning and seasoned growers alike. By using microgreens, WeeVeg microgreen seed quilts maximize the nutrition content per square inch. Microgreens are ready for harvest in 7-10 days, vastly speeding up the time it takes to grow your own food. WeeVeg makes nutrition more accessible, empowering people to take control of their health.