Title: rekindling

IPD 799 | Final Project


Rhianna La Chance
Danielle Chen
Dhruv Baid


Sarah Rottenberg
Peter Bressler
JD Albert

When a parent is diagnosed with cancer, there is often a disconnect between the information that parents disclose and what their children want to hear. The unknown nature of cancer paired with the parents’ lack of transparency causes confusion in the family. Once diagnosed, families often enter a stressful cancer world distinct from the normal world. And fun usually becomes a secondary thing. This is especially challenging for children who are entering adolescence (13-17 years old) given the fact that they’re facing a lot of changes in their life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

rekindling is a board game designed to help families affected by cancer develop a greater understanding of one another by encouraging them to talk about cancer and gather around a table for a fun moment of family connection. The goal is to help everyone feel more open sharing their personal thoughts and become more comfortable talking about cancer. And most importantly, families have fun playing the game together! 

rekindling family playing the game
rekindling in content