IPD 799 | Final Project


Jonah Arnheim
Laura Ceccacci
Julia Lin
Alex Wan


Sarah Rottenberg
Chris Murray
JD Albert

Headway is a wearable device for the future of laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery (MIS), making communication among members of the surgical team safer, easier, and more efficient.

Communication difficulties are the most frequent cause of adverse outcomes in surgery, accounting for 22-32% of cases.Surgical teams that exhibit fewer teamwork behaviors put patients at higher risk for death and other serious complications. Inefficient communication occurs in minimally invasive surgery between the surgeon, who operates the surgical tools, and the assistant, who manipulates the camera. 

Headway allows surgeons to precisely point to anatomical structures, gesture, and teach, without scrubbing out and without using their hands. The system has two components: a Headset worn by the surgeon throughout a full day of surgery, and a Hardware Box that processes infrared signals from the Headset and overlays an on-screen indicator.